EP Слайдеры в заднюю ось - BMW R 1200 R (2015-2018) PRN014487-02

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Features of EP Rear Spindle Bobbins for BMW R 1200 R
  •  Unique design by Evotech Performance
  • Cassette-style mounting securely fixes rear wheel protective bobbin
  • Nylon bobbin with powder-coated aluminium hub stop
  • Cassette mount incorporates O-rings to prevent ingress of water to the wheel hub
  • Simple and quick to install: grease, insert and tighten
  • Replacement nylon bobbin head available for purchase on this website


What is Spindle Bobbin Crash Protection?

 Projecting from the driveline side of the R 1200 R, the nylon bobbin head and aluminium centralising spacer guards the rear of the Cardan drive shaft casing, hub and wheel. Made from injection-moulded nylon, the bobbin head sits upon an aluminium centralising spacer and rotates with the wheel to minimise impact damage on one area and reduce stress on the wheel. A machined and coated aluminium hub stop on the non-drive side complements the stylish design.


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Spindle Bobbins
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